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If you’re suffering from substance abuse or alcohol addiction, expert support can be the difference between relapse and long-term success. But finding the right treatment locations and therapy for your needs can be a huge hurdle to overcome in the journey to sobriety.

Looking for a Marysville Addiction Treatment Center?

If you are looking for a substance abuse treatment center, the drug and alcohol rehab services and residential facilities available at Still Water Wellness are a fabulous choice for both your physical and mental health conditions.

The center for addiction treatment and recovery House are located in Lake Forest, so though you’re a fair drive away from home, you are still in a familiar area within reach of family members and those who provide you friendship, love, and support.

Add in the beautiful views and scenery in the Lake Forest area and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a drug or alcohol treatment center in a more relaxing area. You’ll feel right at home and ready for a peaceful recovery while still being able to call or send a quick text message to contact a friend.


How Does Drug and Alcohol Treatment Work at Still Water Wellness?

An addiction treatment center can sound intimidating, but finding somewhere with all the vital signs of a well rounded catalogue of substance abuse treatments doesn’t have to be. A quick search online for centers in Marysville will pull up a variety of rehabilitation center options, but how do you know you’ve found the right one for your particular needs?

Still Water Wellness offers services that allow you to treat your body, mind, and spirit simultaneously with a comprehensive array of treatment programs and counseling at their facilities. Unlike strictly alcohol rehab centers or drug addiction facilities, Still Water Wellness treats all kinds of addictions as they often can be intertwined.


Dual Diagnosis for Mental Health

Many who turn to drug and alcohol abuse are also dealing with co-occurring mental health disorders. Mental health is crucial to your recovery, and if you are suffering from mental illness in addition to alcoholism or drug addiction then the specialized support groups, therapy, and services at Still Water Wellness can be a critical part of your journey.

If you treat just the physical aspects of your substance abuse, you’re missing a vital part of the recovery process. By working to take care of the mental, emotional, and physical issues simultaneously you will help ensure the best recovery. Start from the ground up and build on a strong, well-rounded foundation. A building may be shored up and repaired, but if the foundation is not fully intact, the structure is unstable. You need to start yourself off with as many advantages as possible and set yourself up for long-lasting recovery.

Mental health services can include services like family therapy, group therapy, and individual counseling on the root causes of your drug abuse or alcohol addiction. There are even standalone mental health services for those needing treatment but not drug and alcohol rehab.

With so many different names and qualifications floating around these days you may wonder if the services and counseling you’re receiving are actually from a qualified, experienced professional with sound education.

Dr. Naficy – Medical Director

The Medical Director at Still Water Wellness Group, Dr. Naficy, has a wealth of education. He’s a Board Certified Family Physician with over 25 years of clinical experience. With a healthy amount of training and a background in family medicine, he is a great candidate for leading your medical treatment program.

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Clint Kreider – Clinical Director

Clint Kreider, the Clinical Director, has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and over 13 years of experience and has used that experience to tailor services for substance abuse patients. His specialty is helping patients diagnose and overcome speed bumps on their path to success, helping create meaningful change.

Your Treatment Team

With these licensed and knowledgeable individuals at the helm, the addiction treatment team is full of highly-qualified therapists, trained recovery specialists, and other professionals to help with everything from nutrition to emotional support.


Services and Programs

The addiction treatment approach at Still Water Wellness is a combination of medically-backed services and holistic healing. The therapies are based off of proven methods and tailored to suit your needs. Whether you’re needing help with substance abuse treatment, mental health issues, or alcohol rehab, you can work with specialists to create your own treatment program.

Medical Detox

Your journey will start in an alcohol and drug detox center under the medical supervision of highly-trained professionals. Your team will work hard to help you keep this process as smooth as possible and minimize withdrawal symptoms. Medical Detox is a necessary first step for rehab centers across the board. Your body needs to get used to regular functioning without the complication of harmful substances, and that can be a difficult part of treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment

This detox may include other factors like medication-assisted treatment (MAT) if that would be beneficial. There are a number of prescription drugs that can help support your body during the recovery process from chemical dependency.

These medications replace the addictive substances and minimize the withdrawal symptoms of detox as much as possible. For those people struggling with other treatment options, MAT under the care of an experienced team can lead to the highest quality recovery.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient

If you’re searching for substance abuse treatment, Still Water Wellness would likely be best for inpatient care with a residential program, though both inpatient and outpatient services are offered.

Inpatient treatment and partial hospitalization programs are always going to give a more immersive experience with closer access to treatment and more opportunity to establish a strong network with other patients. Those with co-occurring mental health issues may thrive with the increased access to services.

Your treatment plan can and should involve interaction with those going through similar challenges. While the center has private rooms, there are many gathering areas where you can discuss and garner the advice and wisdom of others.

Outpatient treatment offers more flexibility and allows you to minimize the disruptions to your home life and family members, but it may be hard to keep your focus solely on recovery when you’re worrying about constant travel. Intensive outpatient treatment can be a key factor on the road to long-term success, especially for those lacking an external supportive environment.

Sober Living

After your drug or alcohol rehab period is complete, the treatment center offers residential services at the House while you rebuild and develop the necessary life skills and social skills to head back to the real world.

You can still benefit from the therapy and mental health aspects of your treatment on a daily basis while receiving emotional support not only from counseling but from other residents as well as they become like family during your recovery.

Holistic Healing

Lake Forest is a gorgeous area with a peaceful environment conducive to healing and optimizing your overall well-being. You can take a walk on the beach, go for a small group hike, or participate in a yoga class outdoors to enjoy and relax.

Still Water Wellness believes in treating the whole person, not just their symptoms caused by alcohol and drug abuse. Substance abuse issues affect us not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. In addition to recuperative outdoor activities, there are also options like spiritual group work to round out your treatment.


Aftercare and Avoiding Substance Abuse Relapse

You can continue to attend therapy or counseling sessions as much as needed on an ongoing basis. There are many resources offered by Still Water Wellness in the outpatient treatment center to help sustain your success and prevent or cope with relapse. Used in conjunction with other resources like Alcoholics Anonymous and other local resources, these ongoing therapies can be vital.

Whether you seek ongoing treatment on and off as needed or you opt for intensive outpatient treatment, Still Water Wellness offers treatment under the care of their professional staff and addiction recovery specialists.

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Some of Our Biggest Questions

How Long Am I There For?

This one’s flexible and really depends on your needs. For detox from drugs and alcohol, plan on at least 30 days to make sure all substances are out of your system and your body can work on resetting its baseline.

After that, inpatient programs are 60-90 days, while outpatient is highly flexible and can be ongoing as long as needed.

Will it Actually Work?

The drug and alcohol treatment is widely recognized and proven as highly effective for those who are seeking real change. All service is from medical professionals and highly trained individuals that want to see you succeed.

Still Water Wellness will provide an individualized plan, structured treatment, and an extensive host of resources and support for successful treatment, but ultimately it is up to you to take those resources and implement them into your life.

Does My Health Insurance Cover It?

This is the real make or break question. Fortunately, Still Water Wellness accepts a multitude of health insurance plans. A specialist can check your health insurance to address your concerns. They’ll find out how much of your treatment will be covered by health insurance and then run you through their individualized treatment options.


Find Hope at Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab is a difficult journey and can have significant challenges for everyone. Young adults, pregnant women, elderly men – no one is immune to the realities of addiction. Seeking addiction treatment is an important first step, but it’s important to give yourself the best fighting chance possible.

Treatment at the Still Water Wellness rehab center will focus on you as a well-rounded individual with your own challenges and experiences. No two journeys will be exactly alike, and seeking help and community are important steps along the way to a happy and healthy future. Whether you’ll find your biggest benefit from medication assisted treatment, group therapy, or another of the treatment services offered, find hope and take advantage of the numerous treatment programs available for all.