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The Still Water Wellness Group Does Things Differently

You deserve more than a cookie-cutter approach to your recovery from substance abuse. But too many treatment centers do nothing to optimize their plans to the unique needs of the individual.

That’s why you should choose the Still Water Wellness Group. We offer personalized addiction treatment plans that utilize the best of both traditional methods and cutting-edge holistic healing practices.

Keep reading to learn more about who we are and what we can do to help you take the next step towards your substance abuse recovery goals. Or, get started with our admissions process now by giving us a call at (800) 563-8983.

Personalized Care for Better Results

No two people are entirely alike. People have different personalities, different goals, and different ways of seeing the world. This principle can also be applied to the process of recovering from abusing drugs or alcohol. In order to achieve the best results, we need to tailor-make a patient’s treatment plan to fit with their unique traits.

This spirit inspires everything we do at the Still Water Wellness Group. Each of our plans was designed so that it could be customized to better match the needs of every patient. This is also precisely the reason that we offer a wide variety of plan options for our clients to choose from.

For example, you might be someone who struggles with both substance abuse and an underlying mental health disorder. If so, you can take advantage of our dual diagnosis program, which was designed to address the ways in which these two problems interact with one another.

Regardless of your needs, we’re capable of optimizing your recovery process from start to finish. We offer high-quality medical detoxes, inpatient and outpatient rehab options, and aftercare treatments that will help you to transition your recovery achievements into the real world.

Proven Methods for Optimized Recovery

Much of the support that we provide comes in the form of therapy. You’ll work regularly with highly-trained psychologists and psychiatrists who know what it takes to help a patient recover from substance abuse.

Your therapist will help you explore the root causes of your addiction and what’s been causing you to resort to drug or alcohol abuse. This may involve exploring unresolved trauma, feelings of unworthiness, or family issues that prompt you to use.

Once you and your therapist discover what’s been causing your addiction, solving the problem is much easier. You can work together to learn new, healthier ways of dealing with the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that had been leading you to substance abuse. Doing this work is an essential part of your recovery and one that the Still Water Wellness Group makes as easy as possible for you.

Depending on the nature of your addiction, we may also prescribe medication for you to take while you recover. This can help to reduce your withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which increases the likelihood that you’ll stick with your recovery plan.

Cutting-Edge Holistic Healing Services

The Still Water Wellness Group also uses a wide variety of holistic healing services. These methods help our patients get even more out of the time that they spend with us.

For example, we host regular yoga classes that you can participate in as often as you want. These will help you to build a stronger connection between your mind and body. Improving this connection can help you become more attuned to how you’re feeling during the day as well as how your thoughts are impacting those emotions. Having this type of awareness can do wonders for your recovery.

We also have an on-site nutritionist for you to work with. They can help you determine whether your diet is contributing to your addiction or preventing you from healing. They can also make recommendations for changes that you can make to fine-tune your eating habits to optimize your recovery process.

The Still Water Wellness Group Name

You may be asking yourself why we call ourselves the Still Water Wellness Group. The name comes from our belief that every individual needs to have their own “still water” moment in order to achieve recovery from substance abuse. It’s our hope that, similar to how you see your reflection in a pool of water, we can reflect your true self back to you.

By better understanding who you are and what you value in life, you’ll be much better equipped to tackle your recovery and to live a life without substance abuse. This philosophy is so central to our mission that we decided to use it as an inspiration for our company’s name.

Taking Full Advantage of Our Beautiful Location

The Still Water Wellness Group is located right in the heart of beautiful Southern California. Our facility is located between Saddleback Mountain and Laguna Beach. This makes it easy for our clients to visit us from all parts of the greater Los Angeles area.

We also use our location to promote our patients’ healing. For example, we regularly lead groups on nature hikes and outdoor group therapy sessions. We also take walks on the beach as a group. These provide the chance to enjoy and experience the nurturing benefits of the Southern California sun while you work with other patients towards a happier, healthier life.

Call Today to Get Started

We know that you have many options to choose from when it comes to seeking treatment for substance abuse. But we’re also sure that you won’t find a better choice than the Still Water Wellness Group no matter how long you look.

We combine the best of both holistic healing services and traditional recovery methods in ways that are targeted to the unique needs of every patient. Having access to this type of support could be just what you need to finally take the next step towards your long-term recovery goals.

So why put off your recovery for another day? Get in touch with the Still Water Wellness Group today to learn more. You can reach an expert, day or night, at (800) 563-8983.

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