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Our health is about more than just our physical bodies, and overcoming addiction calls for more than just a quick detox and the will to overcome. It’s an ongoing recovery process, with patients seeking not just addiction services, but services aiding in rebuilding families, providing appropriate medications, offering therapy and counseling, and building communities. It’s about feeling safety as you move forward knowing you have affordable access to care and ongoing support from your center for addiction treatment.

You may wonder about your treatment options and be struggling with accessible care that addresses all your needs and not just one aspect of your overall health and wellness. A good addiction treatment center treats not just addiction symptoms but delves into treating the root causes.

Still Water Wellness has a comprehensive approach to the care provided to treat patients struggling through any part of their recovery journey.


Welcome to Still Water Wellness

Still Water Wellness has a true commitment to their mission – saving lives and preparing patients to lead a different life of lifelong sobriety. The goal is for each individual to experience seeing their true self reflected back to them during their recovery in their own “still water” moment.

Stillwater House

To achieve this, a combination of medical and holistic treatments are selected for each individual and can be adjusted as recovery progresses.


Providing Addiction Health Services

Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services, Still Water Wellness provides addiction treatment to help you find your true self. This is done through the many services provided:


A Comprehensive Approach

A truly comprehensive approach equips you with the best tools for recovery and a smoother transition into ongoing aftercare. No matter what your recovery journey requires, Still Water Wellness is dedicated to providing accessible care.


Treating Drug Dependence

For drug addiction, detox is the first step to prepare yourself for treatment. Once your body has gotten used to your new baseline, then you will go through a variety of therapies and counseling catered to your needs. You’ll root cause your behaviors, identify if you’re coping with trauma or if your behavior is a reaction to external triggers. You’ll learn alternative methods to deal with your problems as they arrive.

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Treating Alcohol Addiction

Detox is also the first step for treating alcohol addiction. In order to start really diving into your behaviors and striving for health and happiness, you have to allow your body to adapt to life without alcohol. Ongoing treatment and education will then help you learn to lead a life free from alcohol and offer you the best opportunity to deal with potential relapse and temptations.


Treating Mental Health

Our mental health is tied to every other aspect of our person, and as such it is offered both in conjunction with drug, like cocaine or heroin addiction treatment center, and alcohol addiction treatment and as a stand-alone. With the therapies, counseling, and community support provided, there is a whole medley of services to choose from for your mental health needs.

Dual Diagnosis

Mental health issues often go hand-in-hand with addiction, so treatment should go hand-in-hand as well. Dual diagnosis allows you to benefit from therapy and treatment in addition to detox services, sober living, and all of the other treatments offered by Still Water Wellness. You can also seek any follow up treatment you may need on an ongoing basis.


Body, Mind, and Spirit

We are more than just our thoughts and emotions. Our identity is made up of our feelings, bodies, and soul. Our bodies and spirits take action for our thoughts and will.

Making sure everything is in harmony is one of the foundational principles at Still Water Wellness. Treatment encompasses all layers of who we are.

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Treatment of the body helps open our minds and spirits up to hope and look forward to recovery.


All your daily tasks and living essentials will be provided to make this phase of recovery easier on you.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

For many substances, medication assisted treatment can help minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. It can help your body cope with the detox process, which can be quite difficult depending on the length and severity of addiction.

Nutrition & Exercise

Once the shroud of addiction is cleared through detox, you can really get down to recovering your natural vivacity and healing your body. The location in Lake Forest is very conducive to outdoor activities and there is an on-site nutritionist to help with diet and nutrition.


Treatment of the mind helps keep us motivated, committed, and on a clear path.

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Individual, group, and family therapy can all provide us with personal insights and give us the education we need to handle the future.


“No man is an island,” we are all part of a humanity and as such we benefit from community for motivation, advice, and guidance. Group therapies and sober living with others can provide an ongoing support net for us and our families.


Treatment of the spirit helps us solidify our commitment and realize our true identity.

Holistic Healing

Cutting-edge holistic healing practices are used to help treat the spirit, such as yoga and spiritual group work.


The beautiful and relaxing environment of Lake Forest creates a natural haven for your spirit. You can destress through nature hikes, beach walks, and outdoor therapy sessions.

Take control of your identity and rebuild your future at Still Water Wellness Group and their center for addiction treatment.