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The Still Water Wellness Group Offers High-Quality, Personalized MAT Program

There are many hurdles that individuals who have struggled with substance abuse need to overcome to achieve their recovery goals. Chief amongst these are the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that patients feel as their bodies transition to functioning without drugs or alcohol.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs help with this challenge. Participating in one could be just what you need to turn the corner on your recovery from substance abuse. Below, you’ll find an overview of MAT programs as well as information covering what makes the MAT programs offered by the Still Water Wellness Group special. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a MAT program?

MAT programs can be differentiated from standard rehab plans in one key way: patients who participate in them receive medication to help with their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. MAT is best for individuals who have been dealing with a severe addiction to heroin, prescription painkillers, or alcohol.

Individuals who are addicted to these substances tend to have the most intense withdrawals and cravings during recovery. However, the carefully selected medications prescribed as part of an MAT plan help with this. They make it easier for patients to complete the tough early stages of their recovery so that they can reach their long-term goals.

You can choose between participating in MAT programs that take place in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Inpatient plans tend to offer a bit more support and structure, whereas outpatient ones offer more freedom. Either can be an excellent way to kickstart your recovery from substance abuse.

How do MAT programs help people who are recovering from substance abuse?

MAT programs make your chances of achieving your long-term recovery goals more likely. They do so by significantly reducing two of the biggest reasons why patients relapse, intense withdrawal symptoms and insatiable cravings.

But medication isn’t the only thing that the MAT program offers to patients. These plans also provide the same types of support that you would receive in a traditional rehab program. For example, you’ll get to participate in regular therapy sessions, holistic healing services, and group counseling sessions to work through the root causes of your addiction.

Collectively, these services and the medication that you’re prescribed will give you everything that you need to begin working towards a healthier you.

What types of medications are used in MAT programs?

There are a variety of medications that may be prescribed in a MAT program. The exact prescription that you receive will depend both on the substance that you’re recovering from and the facility that you’re recovering in.

That being said, if you’re recovering from opioid abuse, then you should expect to receive one of the following medications in your MAT program:

  • Buprenorphine
  • Methadone
  • Naltrexone
  • Suboxone
  • MAT program

Will a MAT program simply create a new addiction?

You may have some concerns that signing up for a MAT program would simply involve swapping one addiction for another. However, that’s not how the medications that are prescribed in these treatment plans work.

Your body may form a physical dependency on the medication that you receive. But it won’t become addicted to it. This is due to the chemical composition of the medications used in MAT programs, which causes the medications to bind to the brain’s opioid receptors in different ways. Because of this, you may feel like you’ve missed your morning cup of coffee if you don’t take your medication. But you won’t feel compelled to abuse the medication in the same way that you had been abusing your opioid of choice.

Additionally, you’ll receive the medication from a highly trained physician who will help you use it in the safest way possible. The doctors who oversee MAT programs often use a tapering method to gradually transition a patient off of the medication when they’re ready to do so.

How long do MAT programs usually last?

MAT programs last as long as the patient needs them to. Studies have shown that someone can take one of the medications prescribed in an MAT program for years without experiencing any negative side effects. That means you can continue taking your prescription until you and your doctor are confident that you’re ready to begin tapering off it.

You’ll also receive therapy and access to other substance abuse recovery services during a typical MAT program. You should expect these services to be more intensive during the early stages of your recovery. As you heal, you can transition into having more freedom and choosing which recovery services you want to participate in as well as how often you’d like to receive them.

What are the Still Water Wellness Group’s MAT plans like?

When you search for a MAT program near me, at Stillwater Wellness we’ll personalize your plan until it meets your specifications. This ensures that you receive the best care for your individual needs so that you’re able to get as much out of the time and energy that you invest in your healing as possible.

All of our MAT plans include regular therapy sessions where you’ll explore the root causes of your addiction with a highly trained specialist. You’ll also get to participate in group activities, such as outdoor therapy sessions, walks along the beach, and nature hikes.

We also utilize cutting-edge holistic healing treatments to help our patients get even more out of their recoveries. These services include yoga classes and an on-site nutritionist who you can work with to ensure that your diet is facilitating a smoother recovery, not hindering your efforts.

How can I get started with a MAT program?

If you’re ready to begin a MAT program, then the easiest way to get started is to reach out to the Still Water Wellness Group directly. When you do, we’ll explore your unique recovery needs and create a personalized MAT plan that’s targeted to address them. Having this kind of support could be just what you need to finally live the sober lifestyle that you’ve been working towards.

You can take the first step today by calling us at (800) 563-8983. We hope to hear from you soon.

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