If you’re ready to get treatment for substance abuse, then you probably already know that you have lots of options to choose from, and one option that you may be considering is PHP treatment. 

We put together this article to tell you everything that you need to know about it so that you can decide whether to move forward with this form of care. Keep reading to learn more.

What is PHP treatment?

PHP is short for a partial hospitalization program. It’s a type of intensive outpatient addiction treatment that can be a good fit for some people who are recovering from substance abuse problems like alcohol and drug addiction.

This form of treatment involves spending most of your days at a care facility but allows you to sleep in your bed at night. So if you’re looking for a rigorous form of care that isn’t too restrictive, then this could be a good fit for you.

PHP treatment involves working with a therapist both individually and in group settings. You may also get to participate in holistic healing activities like working with a nutritionist or a personal trainer. The exact type of treatment that you get will depend on the facility that you choose.

PHP Rehab, What To Expect?

The main thing to keep in mind about searching for PHP treatment near me is that you get to go home at the end of treatment each day. There are pros and cons to this. php treatment near me

On the plus side, you’ll get to sleep in your bed and see your family at the end of the day. But on the downside, having this extra freedom will make it easier for you to relapse, which could decrease the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Only you can decide whether PHP treatment is a good move for you or not. But as you think about this, consider what your support system at home looks like. If you think that it’s strong enough to prevent you from relapsing, then PHP treatment could be a good fit for your recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Lake Forest

At Still Water Wellness Group we offer a PHP program to complement our patient’s needs. Located in Lake Forest, our facilities are created to provide a comfortable and accessible experience, whether you’re coming to an Inpatient Program or an Intensive Outpatient Treatment, we can provide the most comfort and level of care to meet your recovery expectations. 

Still Water Wellness makes finding quality PHP treatment easier

If you think that PHP care is a good fit for you, then it’ll be important for you to make sure that you find a treatment program that aligns with all of your goals and preferences. Still Water Wellness makes that easier to do.

Our addiction specialists are standing by to help you find the right PHP program for your unique needs. They can make personalized recommendations to ensure that you end up in the care program that’s going to give you the best shot at achieving your long-term goals.

PHP Rehab & Treatment Center

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