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Couples Rehab in Orange County, California

Heal Together: Drug and Alcohol Rehab For Couples in Orange County

Overcome Obstacles and Celebrate Victories Side-by-Side

Couples Rehab Program in Orange County

Couples rehab at Still Water Wellness offers a unique approach to addiction treatment, allowing partners to embark on the journey to recovery together. This program is similar to a standard addiction treatment plan, but with the added benefit of mutual support and shared experiences. 

We provide custom programs adapted to the needs of each couple to make sure they feel comfortable during their recovery. 

Why Choose Couples Rehab?

Couples rehab is ideal for partners facing drug or alcohol addiction together. It provides an opportunity to receive the joint support necessary to build a sober and healthy lifestyle side by side with your loved one.

What Makes Couples Rehab Different?

Unlike traditional addiction treatment programs, our couples sober living program takes into account the complex dynamics of a couple’s relationship. Our program is designed to treat both individuals simultaneously, addressing their needs as individuals and as a couple. This holistic approach ensures that the recovery journey strengthens the relationship while fostering personal growth.

Benefits of Couples Sober Living at Stillwater Wellness:

  • Joint Support: Benefit from the emotional and motivational support of your partner throughout the recovery process.
  • Relationship Focus: Address and improve relationship dynamics that may contribute to addiction and substance abuse problems.
  • Shared Goals: Work together towards common goals of sobriety and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Comprehensive Care: Receive individualized and couple-based therapy sessions tailored to your unique situation.

Flexible Length of Stay

Allows you to progress through the different stages of recovery at your own pace.

We Accept Most PPO Insurances

We ensure you're aware of your rehab coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. Some policies cover all costs.

Complimentary Transportation

We can arrange and cover air or ground transportation as early as today.

Flexible Length of Stay

We Take Private Insurances

Complimentary Travel

Customized Treatment For Couples

Still Water Wellness is one of the few addiction treatment facilities that offers true substance abuse treatment for couples.

The core belief of this treatment is that tackling substance abuse as a team enhances the chances of sustained sobriety and a healthier relationship, particularly through behavioral couples therapy.

Our Approach at Couples Detox:

Both partners receive individualized treatment for substance abuse, which may include detoxification, individual therapy, couples therapy, group sessions, and support groups, all within the same facility.
Through couples therapy, the pair works on communication, trust, and codependency issues that may contribute to or exacerbate the addiction. This includes learning how to support each other through recovery without enabling substance use.
Couples are educated about addiction as a disease, how it affects their relationship, and how they can build a supportive environment that fosters long-term recovery.
By going through the process together, couples can develop a deeper understanding of each other’s struggles, providing mutual support that is vital for recovery.
Therapy sessions also focus on developing strategies to prevent relapse, manage triggers, and deal with the stresses of life without turning to substances.

Why It Works

Shared Motivation: Having a partner in treatment can be a strong motivational factor to stay engaged and complete the program.

Relationship Rehab: Addressing relationship issues and negative patterns that may contribute to substance abuse. Helps in improving the broader family dynamics and healing wounds caused by addiction within the family unit.

Simultaneous Treatment: Eliminates the scenario where one partner returns from rehab to a home environment that hasn’t changed.

Conflict Resolution & Restored Trust: Learning new ways to resolve conflicts without resorting to substance use and rebuild the trust that was eroded by the cycle of addiction.

Intimacy Rebuilding: Couples can work on rebuilding intimacy and trust that may have been damaged due to addiction.

Long-Term Plan: Treatment includes developing a long-term plan for maintaining sobriety and a healthy relationship post-rehab.

How Our Couples Detox Works?

 Individualized Detox


Our detox protocol is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring a safe and comfortable start to recovery. By addressing individual health factors, we create a supportive environment for effective detoxification.

Timeline: 30 days

Customized Treatment Plan 


After going through detox, our caring specialists will look for insights from your assessment and then we can create a custom plan that fits your goals and needs. We believe that every person is different. 

Timeline: 5 days 

Continuous Support and Monitoring


For you and your couple during your sober living journey. 

Expert-Led Therapy Sessions


Engage in one-on-one and group therapy sessions led by our compassionate and skilled clinicians, designed to foster growth and healing.

Graduated Independence

As you make progress, we’ll gradually empower you with more independence, preparing you for a successful transition back into daily life with continued support as needed.

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Cutting-Edge Resources


Our methods, scientifically proven for drug and alcohol addiction, focus on underlying causes, coping strategies, and positive behavior change. These methods are based on empirical evidence and supported by rigorous studies and clinical trials.

Treatment Covered By Insurance

Don't See your insurance provider on the list?

No worries. We work with most private insurance carriers.

Call Our Helpline to Verify Your Benefits 

Serene Retreat

Our state of the art facility is nestled in a peaceful setting while providing a tranquil escape from the pressures of daily life and, allowing you to focus solely on your recovery.

Evidence Based Practices

We employ treatment approaches and interventions that have been scientifically researched and proven effective in addressing drug and alcohol addiction. These methods are based on empirical evidence and supported by rigorous studies and clinical trials.

They aim to address the underlying factors contributing to addiction, provide coping mechanisms, and promote positive behavioral change.

Integrative Medical Care

Our integrated treatment model combines medical and behavioral health services to provide comprehensive addiction treatment, addressing physical and mental health needs for better outcomes and patient-centered care.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Care

Our program encompasses the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various mental disorders, utilizing a range of evidence-based approaches including medication, psychotherapy, and a person-centered treatment model.

Medication Assisted Treatment

MAT combines FDA-approved medications with therapy to treat substance use disorders. It works by reducing cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and the euphoric effects of drugs, enhancing mental health and allowing individuals to focus on recovery and engage in therapy.

About Us

Client Completion Rate 88%
Client Satisfaction Rate 94%
Past Clients Who Say They Would Refer Us To Family and Friends 91%
Our Staff Have Treated More Than 3,124 Past Clients

What To Expect at Our Couples Rehab Center in Orange County

Low Client-to-Staff Ratio

A client-to-staff ratio of 2:1 in a drug rehab center is beneficial to clients because it allows for more individualized attention, personalized treatment plans, better supervision, and the formation of deeper connections and support systems.

Extended Inpatient Care

60 to 90 day inpatient care may be available to individuals who require additional care.

Pet Friendly

We permit our clients to bring their pets to rehab. They can benefit from their companionship, emotional support, relaxation, responsibility, improved attitude, positive outlook, and enhanced social connection during recovery.

Alternative & Holistic Therapies

Alternative and holistic therapies encompass a range of complementary approaches that address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of individuals. These therapies help overcome addiction by promoting overall well-being and providing additional tools for self-discovery, stress reduction, and coping.

Thorough Aftercare

Aftercare aims to maintain recovery, prevent relapse, and promote long-term well-being through various interventions such as counseling, support groups, and personalized care plans, especially for couples in recovery.

Aftercare is effective because it provides continued support, reinforces learned skills, helps individuals navigate challenges in early recovery, and reduces the risk of relapse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Couples rehab can be very effective, especially for partners committed to both their individual recoveries and the health of their relationship. Shared treatment experiences can provide additional support that might not be available in individual rehab.

Many insurance plans cover some portion of rehab treatment while others may cover the entire cost of treatment. It’s important to verify your insurance benefits with the rehab center before beginning treatment.

Treatment is individualized, and therapists work with each partner at their own pace. The goal is to support each individual’s journey, while also fostering the couple’s growth together.

Staff mediates conflict through dedicated couple’s therapy sessions and conflict resolution training, ensuring both partners are heard and collaborative solutions are found.

We offer emotional regulation tools, stress management techniques, and immediate access to therapists to navigate and process intense emotions healthily.

We provide individualized attention through one-on-one sessions and encourage balanced participation in joint therapies to ensure both partners’ voices are equally represented.

We address motivation discrepancies with personalized motivational interviewing and by setting individual and shared goals to align your commitment to recovery.

Through therapy, we’ll work with you to establish clear, respectful boundaries that promote mutual support and individual autonomy within your relationship.

Yes, our facility ensures that medical professionals are available to provide comprehensive care throughout your rehabilitation journey.

Custom diet and meals cab be accomodated.

The timing for starting drug rehab treatment can vary depending on individual circumstances. However, it is generally recommended to start treatment as soon as possible when there is a recognition of a substance use disorder or addiction.

Early intervention can lead to better outcomes and prevent the progression of addiction-related problems. 

We will work with you to make sure you start treatment when it is best for you.

Same Day Treatment

Sometimes, treatment can't wait. In some cases we may be able to get you into treatment the same day.

What Happens When You Call

Initial Assessment

When you call, our intake specialist will confidentially assess your individual and joint needs, offer support, and start tailoring your recovery path.

Personalized Treatment Planning

Following your initial consultation, we'll arrange a more in-depth assessment and start crafting a personalized treatment plan that addresses both your relationship dynamics and your individual needs.

Intake and Admission

We'll streamline your admission, handling the logistics so you can concentrate on recovery, ensuring you're informed about insurance, costs, and what to bring.

Join Forces on the Path to Sobriety

Ready for a brighter future together?

Take the first step towards a new chapter in your life. Call us now for a no-obligation, fact-finding conversation to uncover how we can help you and your partner heal. Your journey to recovery begins with this call.

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