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Choosing the path of addiction recovery

Deciding to seek treatment in a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is difficult. It’s a life-changing decision that comes with challenges and a long recovery process. When choosing the path of addiction recovery, will you go it alone, or will you look for support?

Community Healing

Studies have shown that people are more able to stick to new habits and extreme lifestyle changes when they have a strong support network.

Finding treatment centers with partial hospitalization, individualized programming, and a full spectrum of treatment options will often lead to a more sustainable recovery.


Finding an addiction treatment center

Noah had a substantial drug addiction that had affected his life and loved ones for too long. When he decided to seek out addiction treatment, his first question was “how can I find an addiction treatment center near me?”

He wanted to stay close to his family members but still receive comprehensive care. A quick google search helped him find substance abuse services and alcohol rehab centers in his area. He was a long-time resident of Orange County and was directed to Still Water Wellness for a successful recovery.


Does insurance cover treatment?

Noah’s second question was “does insurance cover addiction treatment?” While dealing with a chemical dependency and seeking treatment, he couldn’t afford to worry about money.

Still Water Wellness accepts many different types of insurance plans, so after a quick call he knew what portion would be covered in-network by insurance and what would be out-of-pocket.

Paying bills

Community-based addiction treatment

As Noah was reviewing his options for treatment centers, he knew the importance of having a strong community during recovery. He was fortunate to have loved ones who worried about his well-being, but none of them had been through drug and alcohol addiction themselves.

Someone who understands

He wanted someone who would truly understand what he was going through when he went through withdrawal symptoms. He especially needed someone with experience in overcoming those dark moments when the drug addiction tried to rear its ugly head again.

The importance of community

Still Water Wellness understands the importance of community, and their treatment is community-based for that reason.

A community network of any size

There are differing levels of group support for different rehab options.


If you are looking for more freedom and choose outpatient or partial hospitalization, you can experience community in your treatment during group counseling, therapy, and meetings.

If you are looking for a more in-depth approach and choose residential rehab, you will spend typically 6-12 months living in a group home. While you will still have the freedom to see your family and friends, you will also have the strong sense of support that comes with community-based treatment.

You’re all going through this together.

Noah found that having other patients going through addiction treatment with him was essential for his mental health and long term recovery goals.


Luxury Rehab Center

Still Water offers luxury rehab that really helped Noah focus on his control. Recovering in a clinical environment like a hospital with its sterile surroundings can be detrimental to your mental health.

Focus on your recovery

When you’re focusing on your physical, mental, and emotional recovery from addiction, the last thing you need to worry about is your environment.

The holistic approach that the luxury treatment center at Still Water Wellness offers will keep you comfortable and able to only worry about your treatment programs.

Comfortable House

The house used for inpatient recovery is spacious and feels more like staying in a vacation home that a treatment center. The whole house is designed and decorated to provide a clean but enjoyable environment.

A swimming pool, hot tub, fire pit, and large television all provide ample distractions and activities for recovery. There are comfortable sitting areas and living spaces, and there are also spaces designed for a quieter and more relaxing experience.

On-Site Nutritionist

The on-site nutritionist was also incredibly valuable for Noah and his recovery process. They worked together to come up with dietary changes and adjustments that would improve his treatment.

As his body healed from his substance abuse, a healthy diet helped him establish a better foundation for healing and growth.

A nutritionist

Medication-Assisted Treatment led by an Addiction Expert

Each medication-assisted treatment (MAT) plan is individualized to the patients and their needs. Detoxing from drug use is fraught with withdrawal symptoms, discomfort, and frustration, but some medications may be able to help minimize the cravings.

Working carefully with an addiction expert, Noah found he was able to reduce the detrimental effects of his recovery from opioid substance abuse with the help of Naltrexone.

A drug and alcohol treatment center can utilize a variety of medications that can help your body transition.

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Holistic Healing in Nature

Whether you’re into group hikes or quiet walks along the beach, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature. A holistic approach in conjunction with medical treatment and counseling is crucial for whole body wellness and recovery.

You can participate in yoga classes or a number of outings that will help you heal and prepare to re-enter society.


Still Water Wellness Locations

Still Water Wellness serves the Orange County area and is based in Lake Forest. Patients come from a variety of nearby areas, such as these:

  • Costa Mesa
  • Dana Point
  • Huntington Beach
  • Irvine
  • Laguna Beach
  • Laguna Niguel
  • Lake Forest
  • Mission Viejo
  • Newport Beach
  • San Clemente
  • Santa Ana

Orange County is a beautiful area with access to peaceful nature and scenery that can be essential to your healing process.


Finding Support

Drug and alcohol rehab success can be largely dependent on your mental health throughout the process. Finding a good support network, whether it be through group sessions or a community-based treatment center like Still Water Wellness, is vital to maintaining a life of freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Finding Hope

If you’re looking for a treatment center near you in Orange County, Still Water Wellness will work with you, your families, and even your insurance plans to meet your specific needs and help you recover from substance addiction or alcoholism.