effects of alcohol on your body

The prevalence of alcohol consumption in today’s world is undeniable. Millions of people engage in social drinking, and some turn to alcohol to escape the harsh realities of their lives. Either way, it’s consumption is addictive and has many hidden alcohol effects on your body.

According to the World Health Organization, alcohol-related problems contribute to over 3 million deaths each year. It typically accounts for 5.3% of all global deaths. So, for anyone indulging in alcohol intake, the damage is there and often underestimated. From causing organ impairment to affecting a person’s well-being, we cannot overlook what alcohol does to a person. 

For this reason, stick around and learn some of these unseen effects of alcohol in your body. This way, you might consider making better choices for a healthier life!

Physiological Impact of Alcohol on Organs

Let no one tell you that some wine is good for your stomach. Taking that little wine for some time will make you want it every day. This is how alcohol addiction starts, and before you know it, you cannot fully function without alcohol. 

While alcohol’s impact on body organs does not occur immediately, you can be sure that it will happen long before you know it. Now, without beating around the bush so much, let’s look at how alcohol affects the body:

Affects the Communication Pathways of the Brain

In case you didn’t know, alcohol is not digested in the body. Once you drink it, it will pass through all your body organs before it is eliminated. The first body part that alcohol affects is the brain. This is why you start feeling dizzy after a few sips, have slurred speech, and have blurred vision.

Alcohol makes the brain blurry. This makes it hard for you to stay in control and affects your decisions. It can lead to a mood change, making you feel aggressive or down.

The body takes time to process alcohol. This is why you will still experience the side effects the morning after consuming it. According to research, there is no safe amount of alcohol anyone can drink, so please avoid drinking at all costs. It adds no value to your life and can make you dependent on it when making decisions. 

Heart Problems as an Effect of Alcohol on Your Body

As already mentioned, alcohol will travel to all your body parts, including the heart! If you drink alcohol over a prolonged period or take too much on a single occasion, then you are setting yourself up for heart problems. 

Some of the heart health consequences of alcohol abuse include high blood pressure, stroke—irregular heartbeat, and cardiomyopathy. According to current research,  people who take alcohol more often are 39% more likely to suffer from stroke than those who don’t use it at all. Typically, all these conditions are deadly; therefore, limiting your alcohol intake or not taking any at all will help avoid them.

Effect on the Endocrine System

The hidden damage from drinking alcohol on the endocrine system is often overlooked. 

According to data presented by the National Institutes of Health, overconsumption of alcohol disrupts the communication between the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. 

Alcohol disrupts hormone regulation in the body, therefore affecting the pancreas and insulin production. These digestive juices are integral in regulating the body’s sugars. Thus, if their production is disrupted, they may lead to significant health issues such as diabetes. When the pancreas is not functioning as it should, there is a likelihood that a person will suffer from pancreatitis, which is a severe and painful condition.

Also, as alcohol affects the endocrine system, the effects can extend as far as affecting the person’s fertility. Research shows that excessive alcohol usage affects the reproductive hormones as well as the quality of semen produced. It can cause low semen volume and low sperm motility. In women, consuming alcohol increases estrogen production while lowering the levels of progesterone. It can lead to delays in menstruation, irregular cycles, and difficulties when trying to conceive.

Damages of the Liver, One of The Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

One of the most affected organs of the body due to alcohol abuse is liver damage. This mainly occurs after a prolonged time taking alcohol, but usually, the damage is gradual. 

Usually, the liver breaks down alcohol and eliminates it from the body. As you continue to consume more alcohol, especially when you take massive amounts within a short period, then it overwhelms the metabolism process of the liver. This causes it to become fatty, and this can lead to liver failure.

Other complications that the liver might experience due to excessive alcohol consumption include fibrosis, cirrhosis, and hepatitis. These conditions are complex and require an intensive treatment plan. If you don’t want your life to take this course, then consider cutting down your alcohol intake.

Affects the Immune System

Did you know that consuming large amounts of alcohol for a long time will gradually weaken the immune system? When your immune system weakens, it becomes hard to fight germs and viruses, making you more susceptible to certain illnesses.

People with a weak immune system are more likely to develop pneumonia and tuberculosis than the general population. These two illnesses are complex to treat and can kill you in an instant. We cannot forget to mention that people who drink alcohol are more susceptible to developing various types of cancers. These include throat, mouth, colon, esophagus, breast, and liver cancers.

So, make informed choices today and guard your immune system by avoiding alcohol.

Hurts the Digestive System

The effect of alcohol on the digestive system might not happen immediately, but it for sure does. It slowly damages the digestive tract, preventing the intestines from digesting food and absorbing nutrients in time. This can lead to malnutrition.

Also, alcohol can lead to diarrhea, bloating, hemorrhoids, ulcers, bloating and more.

Wrapping Up About the Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

As seen, the hidden effects of alcohol extend across vital organs. From impacting the brain, heart, and endocrine system to causing more damage to the liver, the immune system, and the digestive system. Do not underestimate these consequences because they are gradual. When they fully manifest, then they become hard to deal with. Choose a healthy life today if you are struggling with addiction by seeking support from Still Water Wellness Group. We provide various recovery programs to help you lead an everyday, healthy, and prolonged life. Contact us today to get started!