5 Steps for Drug Addiction Recovery still water wellness
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Drug addiction recovery is a critical stage where you experience great highs and lows, and also find out what works best for you. Individuals need to understand how the process works as experiences may differ based on the type of drug, duration of addiction, age, or even family history. This article will explore the top 5 Steps for Drug Addiction Recovery that can make a difference in your journey.

Also, drug addiction recovery isn’t a one-time thing. To effectively help individuals attain both a short and long-term drug-free life, the process is broken down into 5 progressive steps. This means that you have to pass each step for you to progress to the next step. Below, we have explained what individuals can expect in each step of the drug addiction recovery journey. Read on to learn more!

What Are The 5 Steps for Addiction Recovery?

To understand the alcohol and drug addiction recovery, it is important to know what the steps are when going through that journey, those being:

  1. Acceptance and Acknowledgement of your addiction.
  2. Seek professional help to guide your rehabilitation.
  3. Develop a treatment plan, adjusted to your needs.
  4. Build a support network for your addiction recovery.
  5. Practice Self-care constantly.

The steps can be practice in a personal and private setup, or in a group that shares the same objectives for their recovery process. 

Now that we know what the 5 steps of Addiction Recovery are, let’s take a closer look at each on of them. How are they manage and used in the rehabilitation.

1. Acceptance and Acknowledgement 

Frankly, you can’t force an individual into an addiction recovery program against their will. If they have not come to terms with the fact that they have a drug addiction that needs to be dealt with, the recovery process may not yield the desired results. And yes, you may even promise to take them to the best recovery center in a scenic destination like Orange County, CA but the final decision has to be from them.

More often than not, acceptance and acknowledgment kick in when an individual is in a crisis. Individuals get a wake-up call, and they slowly start to realize how their addiction has become dangerous to them and those around them (especially their loved ones). These triggering events can involve perpetrating violence against loved ones, fatal accidents, loss of employment, or even a loved one. Such events lead the person to reflect on their doings and make a significant change for their benefit and those around them.

The first stage of addiction recovery doesn’t involve getting the substance out of your body. It focuses on an individual’s inner self to accept the fact they have an addiction. Undoubtedly, acceptance and acknowledgment is one of the difficult stages. However, there are a couple of ways individuals can navigate this stage. They include the following.

  • Understanding What Drives the Addiction: Do you have past traumas, or is it just boredom?
  • Developing Honesty: You have to be honest with yourself and those around you. It helps establish a strong support system and choose the right Drug addiction recovery program. 
  • Take Better Care of Yourself: Accepting that you are addicted to drugs can be an unsettling feeling. Thus, to move forward in your recovery journey, make sure to practice self-care – pamper yourself a bit, take long walks in nature, and meditate amidst a peaceful space to calm your senses. 

Once you put these tips into practice, you will be ready for the next step of drug addiction recovery.

2. Seek Professional Help 

Now that you are ready to grab the bull by its horns, you need to find the best recovery center to help you do that. The last thing you want is to choose a recovery center that triggers your cravings, from the staff to the surroundings. Yes, the appearance of a recovery facility can greatly affect your recovery journey. 

Experts claim that individuals placed in drug recovery centers with a serene environment experience positive results during the recovery journey. Allow us to explain this to you in more detail. Aside from finding professional help for your drug addiction recovery journey, this step also includes drug detox, which involves getting the substance out of your system. 

Drug detox results in dangerous withdrawal symptoms, including severe headaches and uncontrolled shaking. A recovery center resembling a hospital facility or near a business center may not be ideal for you. Such a hostile environment may result in more risks. Individuals may be unable to connect with their inner selves and may feel as though they are prisoners locked up. 

A rehab center nestled amidst the lap of nature allows drug addicts to connect with their inner selves and deal with their cravings with a positive attitude. For example, an addiction recovery center in Orange County, California, promises a serene, quaint environment, which is much needed during the drug detox step. 

Most recovery centers here are close to forests, coastlines, and sandy beaches. During the detox program, you can enjoy panoramic views, have some fun with the well-kept amenities, and enjoy the 5-star services from the staff. Such a relaxed environment will give you the ease and peace of mind to find out what the root cause of the addiction is. 

3. Develop a Treatment Plan for Drug Addiction Recovery

steps for drug addiction recovery stillwater wellness

By now, you are already done with the most challenging part, which is acceptance and bypassing the severe withdrawal symptoms. The next thing remaining is to find the root cause of the problem. You see, every form of addiction is usually a result of underlying psychological problems. They can be a result of family history, potential personality disorders, current living situation, or in response to stress. For example, some individuals may drink alcohol to help them forget some tragic incidents that occurred in the past.

Developing a treatment plan helps uncover such issues. Drug addiction recovery centers in Orange County, CA, offer a comprehensive range of treatment plans. They incorporate treatment programs as well as holistic therapy and support groups to help individuals solve underlying issues and adopt coping mechanisms to help navigate their sobriety journey. 

For those wondering which treatment programs you can expect, here is a list;

Inpatient Rehab Program for Drug Addiction Recovery

The inpatient rehab program is the next step that follows after you make it through detox. The treatment program may vary from person to person based on the type of drug addiction. In general, you can expect alcohol, cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin, and the list continues.  

Here is a bonus tip: Ensure you visit the same drug recovery center for your detox and inpatient rehab program for a seamless transition. Having a gap while switching recovery centers may result in a relapse.

Outpatient Rehab Program

Outpatient rehab programs are more flexible, as they allow individuals to tackle addiction while still managing other aspects of their lives, from school to work. In this treatment, individuals receive therapy during the day, while at night they 

can reflect on their lives and perform other duties.

Sober Living Program

Sober Living is yet another critical that is important for individuals who have succeeded in the in-patient program. After rehab, it can be challenging to establish a routine and build new friends with drug-free people. The sober living program connects you with support groups that help you attain a balanced rehab equilibrium. 

Each recovery facility should be able to provide you with a personalized treatment plan that fits your specific needs. 

4. Build a Support Network

Part of the reason most people succeed in drug addiction recovery is due to building a strong support network. You don’t have to go through the recovery journey alone. There will be many highs and lows, and you need people to celebrate those small wins and lean on when things get tough. 

The best addiction recovery centers in Orange County, California, recognize the need for a strong support network. Thus, they provide a sober living program that is more like a community for people trying to regain their sobriety. You see, you are no longer restricted in a facility after rehab. It’s up to you to avoid places that may trigger cravings and say no to friends who are still using. Overcoming these temptations alone can be pretty challenging. 

However, with support networks, be it from your family members or an alumni program, you can establish a routine, get a safe place to vent out your frustrations without judgment, celebrate small victories, and learn how to have fun in sobriety.

5. Practice Self-Care after Drug Addiction Recovery

We harp on this all the time, and it’s for a good reason. Practicing self-care after drug addiction recovery in Orange County, California, is the best way you can reward yourself for making it through the final step of the recovery process. You have now discovered what your triggers are, implemented coping mechanisms, and implemented stability in your life. The only thing remaining is to love yourself more. 

And don’t get us wrong, self-care doesn’t have to focus on your physical being alone. Your mental and emotional health also matters. Worked all day in that new job? Your body deserves some good night’s sleep. Lost a couple of friends during your recovery journey? It’s not too late to find other friends and foster meaningful connections. Feeling stressed lately? Practice yoga and meditation to set a relaxed mood and enhance your quality of life

Practicing self-care through establishing healthy routines becomes a protective shield against relapse. This helps facilitate both short-term and long-term recovery processes. 

It’s essential to acknowledge that recovery is a continuous process, so don’t beat yourself if you don’t do it right sometimes. Just keep reminding yourself that recovery from drug addiction is achievable with the right support and mindset. By following these steps, individuals can take positive steps towards a healthier, drug-free life. 

If you are ready to take the bold step of beginning recovery, you will be in good hands with Still Water Wellness Group. Located in Orange County, California, we offer a serene environment and personalized treatment plans to help you regain a sober life. Contact us today and be part of thousands who have found success through our rehab program.