If you’re ready to seek treatment for substance abuse, congratulations. Making that decision is the first step towards regaining control over your life. There are lots of treatment options to consider, but one that you may be looking at is intensive outpatient care or IOP. Still Water Wellness has the best Inpatient Outpatient Program in Orange County and Lake Forest.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about IOP treatment so that you can figure out whether it’s right for you. Keep reading to learn more.

IOP Program in Lake Forest & Orange County

IOP treatment is a type of care that you can get for substance abuse recovery. It’s something that you could do in place of an inpatient rehab program.

IOP treatment differs from inpatient care in that it allows you to sleep in your own bed at night. When you sign up for one of these plans, you won’t have to move into your treatment center full-time, but you will spend most of your days there.

IOP Program Orange County Ca

During an IOP program, you’ll get to work individually with a therapist who can help you identify and resolve the root causes of your addiction. You’ll also likely get to participate in group-based recovery activities and potentially even holistic healing modalities like yoga and meditation classes.

IOP Treatment Program & Rehab in Lake Forest & Orange County Ca

Pursuing an IOP plan can be a great move if you know that you need intensive help to recover but you’re hesitant to move into a treatment center. These programs will let you get the care that you need while still allowing you to retain some of the comforts of home.

That being said, you will be on your own when you’re not in treatment. That means you could have an increased risk of relapsing since no one will be there to stop you from doing so at night.

As you think about whether this form of care is right for you, consider how well you think you would do with that extra freedom. If you don’t have a good support system in place at home, it could be overwhelming.

How can I find IOP treatment in my area?

The easiest way to find an IOP plan in your area is to do some online research. You can perform a simple search for something like ‘IOP treatment near me’ to get a list of the top providers in your region.

Still Water Wellness offers personalized IOP treatment to help you heal faster

Do you think that IOP care is right for you? Or maybe you’re not sure but you’d like to learn more. Either way, you can get the answers that you’re looking for by reaching out to an addiction specialist at Still Water Wellness today.