If you’re ready to seek help with your substance abuse recovery process, then moving into a sober living home is one option that you may be looking into. But you’ll need to do some research first to figure out whether this form of a treatment is a good fit for you or not.

We put together this article to help you figure that out. Keep reading to learn everything that matters about sober living homes.

What is a sober living home?

A sober living home is a live-in facility where you can get help with maintaining a sober lifestyle. You’ll often live with other people who are also recovering from substance abuse problems.

While at the home, you may receive lots of different kinds of treatment. This can include 1-on-1 sessions with therapists, group therapy, and holistic healing treatments like outdoor activities, meditation, and yoga.

How does a sober living home fit into my broader care plan?

Typically, you need to complete both detox and rehab before moving into a sober living home. That’s because these facilities are meant to be a sort of intermediary step between the rigorous treatment you get in rehab and the complete freedom of being on your own.

The idea is that your risk of relapse can be high if you just go straight from rehab to living on your own again. So living in a facility that can help you make that transition gradually can be a big boost to your hopes of maintaining your sobriety long-term.

What should I look for in a sober living home?

If you think that moving into a sober living home could be right for you, you’ll want to start by figuring out what the top options are in your area. After that, you can look into each of your potential choices to see which is the best fit for your needs.

Some factors to consider here, include:

  • What type of accommodations the home has
  • How crowded the environment will be
  • What type of treatment you will get while living there
  • The restrictions that you’ll have
  • Whether or not a facility accepts your insurance

Find your ideal sober living home with Still Water Wellness

Moving into a sober living facility can be a fantastic boost to your chances of maintaining your sobriety long-term. If you think that this form of care is right for you, then why wait? Now is the perfect time to start looking into your options more seriously.

Still Water Wellness can help you do that. Our addiction specialists are standing by to answer your questions and to provide you with a personalized recommendation to make sure that you get into the best situation for your recovery.

You can get started with this process by reaching out to us today. We hope to hear from you soon.