For Personalized Rehab in Laguna Beach, Choose Still Water Wellness

If you’re ready to recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, congratulations! Making that decision is the first step towards regaining control over your life. That’s one of the reasons why doing addiction rehab in Laguna Beach with Still Water Wellness is a great next step. 

As you start looking into your treatment options in Laguna Beach, there’s a lot you should be thinking about. Keep reading to learn more about that process and why Still Water Wellness could be your best for recovery.

Why recover in Laguna Beach, California?

It’s tough to think of a better place to recover from a substance abuse problem than Laguna Beach. That’s true for a few reasons.

First, given its proximity to Los Angeles, rehab in Laguna Beach attracts some of the top medical minds in the region. So pursuing addiction treatment here could give you the chance to receive support from world-class doctors who have spent a lifetime learning how to help you recover.

Additionally, Laguna Beach is wonderful and there are a lot of wonderful outdoor activities in the area to take advantage of. These can help to take your mind off the recovery process and help you heal holistically.

What are my options for substance abuse support in California?

There are lots of different types of treatment that you can get in the Laguna Beach area so you have some flexibility to pick a plan that fits your unique needs.

For example, one decision that you can make is between pursuing inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient treatment will have you move into a facility full-time for 1-3 months. This can be beneficial because it allows you to focus on your recovery completely without worrying about outside distractions.

Another option is outpatient care. This lets you sleep in your bed at night and gives you more freedom. This can be a good thing, but may also increase your chances of relapse if you don’t have a solid support system in place.

Other types of treatment available in this area include detox, sober living, dual diagnosis, and more. Chances are, if there’s a type of substance abuse recovery treatment that you want, you’ll be able to find rehab in Laguna Beach, CA, area.

The Still Water Wellness Rehab in Laguna Beach

Still Water Wellness could be your best option for recovery support in Laguna Beach. We offer a wide variety of personalized care plans that take your needs into account.

That means, that when you choose us, you’ll be able to get the exact type of care that you need to optimize your recovery.

On top of that, we also employ some of the top medical minds in the region. So you can be confident that you’ll get to receive an expert’s support throughout your treatment plan.

Even better, we expect a wide variety of insurance plans. This makes it much likelier that you can get the type of care that you want without having to pay full price for it out-of-pocket.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Get in touch with us today.