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We Use a Proven Model To Treat Dual Diagnosis

Our Dual Diagnosis Programs Programs Are:

Flexible Length of Stay

Allows you to progress through the different stages of recovery at your own pace.

We Accept Most PPO Insurances

We ensure you're aware of your rehab coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. Some policies cover all costs.

Complimentary Transportation

We can arrange and cover air or ground transportation as early as today.

Flexible Length of Stay

We Take Private Insurances

Complimentary Travel

Highly Personalized Treatment For Dual Diagnosis

Every recovery journey is unique, and so is our approach. We customize our treatment plans to meet your specific needs, helping you conquer addiction. Our team of therapists, nurses, physicians, and psychiatrists provides comprehensive, holistic care, focusing on your well-being every step of the way. From medication-assisted treatments to addressing your physical and emotional needs, we're dedicated to empowering you with lasting, positive change.

Serene Retreat

Our state of the art facility is nestled in a peaceful setting while providing a tranquil escape from the pressures of daily life and, allowing you to focus solely on your recovery.


Evidence Based Practices

We employ treatment approaches and interventions that have been scientifically researched and proven effective in addressing drug and alcohol addiction. These methods are based on empirical evidence and supported by rigorous studies and clinical trials.

They aim to address the underlying factors contributing to addiction, provide coping mechanisms, and promote positive behavioral change.

Integrative Medical Care

Our integrated treatment model combines medical and behavioral health services to provide comprehensive addiction treatment, addressing physical and mental health needs for better outcomes and patient-centered care.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Care

Our program encompasses the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various mental disorders, utilizing a range of evidence-based approaches including medication, psychotherapy, and a person-centered treatment model.

Medication Assisted Treatment

MAT combines medications with therapy to treat substance use disorders. It works by reducing cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and the euphoric effects of drugs, enhancing mental health and allowing individuals to focus on recovery and engage in therapy.

About Us

Client Completion Rate 88%
Client Satisfaction Rate 94%
Past Clients Who Say They Would Refer Us To Family and Friends 91%
Our Staff Have Treated More Than 3,124 Past Clients

Pet Friendly

We permit our clients to bring their pets to rehab. They can benefit from their companionship, emotional support, relaxation, responsibility, improved attitude, positive outlook, and enhanced social connection during recovery.

Pets can play a vital role in the development of new habits and trigger physical and mental responses that promote relaxation.

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What To Expect

Low Client-to-Staff Ratio

A client-to-staff ratio of 2:1 in a drug rehab center is beneficial to clients because it allows for more individualized attention, personalized treatment plans, better supervision, and the formation of deeper connections and support systems.

Rehab For Couples

Couples addiction treatment involves therapy that addresses conflicts and challenges within the relationship, while also focusing on substance abuse. It helps couples improve communication, rebuild trust, establish healthy boundaries, and enhance overall relationship functioning.

Couples therapy is effective because it recognizes the impact of addiction on relationships, promotes mutual support, and creates a supportive environment for recovery.

Extended Inpatient Care

60 to 90 day npatient care may be available to individuals who require additional care.

Family Integration

Family integration aims to educate and support family members, address dysfunctional or enabling behaviors, and foster improved relationships and healthier family dynamics.

Alternative & Holistic Therapies

Alternative and holistic therapies encompass a range of complementary approaches that address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of individuals. These therapies help overcome addiction by promoting overall well-being and providing additional tools for self-discovery, stress reduction, and coping.

Thorough Aftercare

Aftercare aims to maintain recovery, prevent relapse, and promote long-term well-being through various interventions such as counseling, support groups, and personalized care plans.

Aftercare is effective because it provides continued support, reinforces learned skills, helps individuals navigate challenges in early recovery, and reduces the risk of relapse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dual diagnosis addiction treatment addresses both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders simultaneously. It recognizes that conditions like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder can be deeply intertwined with addiction.

Dual diagnosis treatment goes beyond standard addiction therapy by incorporating specific strategies for mental health care. This approach typically involves a combination of medication management, behavioral therapies, and support systems tailored to address both sets of challenges.

Absolutely. The essence of dual diagnosis treatment is its customizability to the individual’s unique combination of addiction and mental health challenges. Personalized treatment plans are developed based on a thorough assessment of each individual’s needs.

Yes. We accept most private insurances. Some policies may cover up to 100% of treatment costs. Contact us to verify your rehab coverage.

The duration of treatment varies depending on the severity of the addiction and mental health condition, as well as the individual’s progress. It can range from a few weeks to several months, with ongoing support as needed.

In most cases, you can keep your job while undergoing drug rehab. Laws such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protect individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders from being fired.

Private living quarters may be available upon request.

We have a designated area for individuals who wish to smoke or vape.

Custom diet and meals cab be accomodated.

The timing for starting drug rehab treatment can vary depending on individual circumstances. However, it is generally recommended to start treatment as soon as possible when there is a recognition of a substance use disorder or addiction.

Early intervention can lead to better outcomes and prevent the progression of addiction-related problems. 

We will work with you to make sure you start treatment when it is best for you.

Same Day Treatment

Sometimes, treatment can't wait. In some cases we may be able to get you into treatment the same day.

What Happens When You Call

Initial Assessment

During the call, we will ask about about the nature and severity of your addiction, any previous treatment history, psychological and medical conditions, insurance coverage, and personal preferences so that we gain a better understanding of your needs.

Information and Guidance

After the assessment, our specialist will discuss suitable treatment options, addressing your concerns and providing guidance based on your needs.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision when choosing a rehab treatment facility.

Intake and Admission

Once you choose to get help, the final step is intake and admission.

Our representatives will help with paperwork, travel arrangements, packing guidance, and necessary preparations for a seamless transition into the rehab facility.

Concierge Service

Feeling overwhelmed about seeking substance abuse treatment? Let our concierge service at the rehab center simplify it for you.

From maximizing your insurance benefits to minimizing costs, we handle everything – including insurance paperwork and coordination with your doctor for a comprehensive treatment plan.

Worried about keeping your job during treatment? We’ve got you covered with FMLA paperwork and employer liaison. And don’t worry about travel arrangements; we take care of that too.

Our goal? To make your path to recovery as smooth and stress-free as possible. Start your journey with us today.

Let Us Help You

Addiction can take a toll on every aspect of your life, leaving you feeling trapped and disconnected. We understand the challenges you face. Our team of addiction treatment professionals has helped thousands of others who were in the same situation you're in.

With them by your side, you'll find hope, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Take the first step towards a brighter future. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with our caring professionals. There is no risk or obligation. Reclaim your life and embark on a journey of lasting recovery.

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