Still Water Wellness Provides Sober Living in Irvine

Sober living in Irvine could be exactly what you need to take the next step
towards your recovery goals.
Whether you’ve been dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, spending some time
in a sober living facility can get you the support that you need to safely transition your
healing back into the real world.
Keep reading to learn why sober living in Irvine could be right for you and how
to get started with it by reaching out to Still Water Wellness.

Irvine Sober Living & Transitional Housing

Sober living in Irvine is designed to help anyone who would like some extra
help with overcoming an addiction.
That being said, it’s often used as a transition step between rehab and the real world.
So if you’ve just completed rehab, it could make a lot of sense for you to spend some
time at a sober living facility before going directly back out in the real world.

Sober Living Houses, Recovery, and Transitional Living Homes in Irvine

Moving into a sober living facility in Irvine can help you out in a number of
For example, it’ll give you on-demand access to support from addiction specialists. So
you’ll always have help available when you need it most.
Additionally, sober living helps you get used to living independently again but in a safer
environment than the real world. This can help to reduce the risk of relapse so you get
the opportunity to get your feet under you before becoming entirely independent again.
Finally, spending some time in a sober living home is a great way to form connections
with people who know exactly what you’re going through. Having access to this type of
social support could do wonders for your healing process.
What is Irvine sober living like?

There are lots of different facilities for sober living in Irvine. So your
experience will vary some based on which one you select.
That being said, you’ll generally have some restrictions on when you need to be home
and what you can do outside of the home. You may also have to take drug tests at
random just to make sure that you’re not relapsing.
You can also live in a sober living facility while getting treatment for your addiction. For
example, we can get you started with an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or a partial
hospitalization program (PHP) during your stay in a sober living home.
Getting started with sober living in Irvine is easier with
Still Water Wellness
If you’re serious about overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol, then spending
some time living in a sober home could be just what you need to make it happen.
Still Water Wellness makes it really easy to find your ideal sober living situation in
Irvine. Just reach out to one of our addiction specialists and tell them a bit
about what you’re looking for. We’ll give you a personalized recommendation based on
our years of experience.
We’d love to help you take the next step in your recovery journey and hope to hear from
you soon.