If you’ve been dealing with a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you might’ve also spent some time searching for substance abuse detox centers near me. These facilities can help you take the first step in your recovery.

But what are substance abuse detox centers like? How do they work? And do you really need one? We’ll give you the answer to all of these questions in the sections below. Keep reading to learn more.

What happens at substance abuse detox centers near me?

Substance abuse detox centers are where you begin your recovery. These are professional facilities that have been set up to help you detox the alcohol or drugs that are still in your system.

You need to complete this process before you can start dealing with the issues that have caused your addiction effectively. It’s why looking up substance abuse detox centers near me is often thought of as the first step towards healing from substance abuse.

Do I really need substance abuse detox centers near me?

You may wonder why you can’t just complete your detox at home on your own. Doing so may be possible for some, but it can be quite dangerous and ineffective for others.

When you go through detox, you experience withdrawal symptoms and cravings – some of which are significant enough to cause serious injury and even death. You want to make sure that you have medical professionals around you to respond to whatever situations arise during detox.

Additionally, detox is when your cravings peak. If you try to complete the process on your own at home, you’ll need a ton of willpower to get through it without relapsing. This isn’t an issue that you have to worry about when you’re detoxing at a facility since relapse won’t be an option.

What happens after detox?

You can think of detox as the first phase of your recovery process. The second phase begins once you complete it. This second phase is when you go through rehab. You’ll get to work with experienced therapists and other addiction specialists who can help you overcome the problems that have led you to substance abuse in the past.

Once you’ve finished rehab, you’ll likely also want to engage in some type of aftercare. This could include continuing to work with a therapist, attending group meetings, or something else.

The main thing to keep in mind is that recovery is a lifelong process. The amount of time and energy that you spend working on it will decrease as you stay sober for longer but it’s always something that you’ll want to be mindful about.

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