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Senior Housing Cedar Rapids Iowa

Senior Housing Cedar Rapids Iowa

Terrace Glen Village is a highly sought-after senior housing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with modern amenities, compassionate and friendly staff, and short-term rehab and long-term care. Here are the top reasons to choose our senior living in Cedar Rapids for your loved one:

1. Short-term rehab and long-term care

Ranked as the best senior apartments for rent, we help seniors lead a self-reliant life by engaging them in speech, occupational, and physical therapy six days a week. We understand the toll aging can take on your beloved senior, and we try our level best to equip them with essential tools to help them lead their retirement life with dignity and self-respect. Our short-term rehab services keep our residents fit, active, and energetic while also improving their quality of life.

2. Comfortable accommodations and gourmet meals

We understand how challenging it can get for your senior to run a house, clean it, do the dishes, prepare meals, do the laundry, and other household chores. After all those years of hard work, worrying about running a house should be the last thing on your senior's mind. Our apartments for 55 years and older come with weekly housekeeping services, assistance with laundry, grocery shopping, gourmet meals three times a day, and other services. We also take care of your senior's medications and ensure that they are in good health with regular health screening and assessment.

3. Skilled and dedicated staff

We are the best senior housing in Cedar Rapids, IA, with an exceptional staff team who possesses several years of experience and the highest training level. Not to mention, they display an exemplary amount of dedication and compassion when taking care of our residents and attending to their needs. Our staff members undergo ongoing training and enrich our seniors' lives with personalized care and individual attention.

4. Socialization and recreational activities

Peer support is an important aspect of retirement living and plays a pivotal role in keeping your seniors' mental health in good shape. Our affordable housing for seniors in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, creates plenty of opportunities for residents to socialize with one another by organizing gatherings, events, outings, and other recreational activities. Our senior living community not only makes your loved one's life easy but also makes it fulfilling and gratifying as they develop meaningful bonds and friendships in their new community.

5. Modern amenities and 24/7 security

Our facility has a spa, whirlpool tub, apartments with a fireplace, and other modern upscale amenities. Your senior can feel pampered at a resort-like facility coming with a home-like ambiance. We also ensure our residents' safety with 24/7 security services, an emergency pendant system, and around-the-clock monitoring. 

To download our pricing guide, visit us today. Call (319) 318-6600 to join the Terrace Glen Village community for seniors. Our senior housing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, empowers seniors with independence, privacy, and freedom and enables them with critical tools to lead their retirement life with dignity.

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