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Inpatient Rehab Services

Inpatient Rehab Services


The decision to attend a Riverside drug rehab is one of the best you will ever make. Drugs and alcohol are hard to say no to when you have a dependence but impossible when you have an addiction. Many psychological and somatic changes happen when you have a substance abuse disorder, and much work is needed to reverse them. A recovery center offers you the best chance of breaking the bad habits and restoring your sobriety. An inpatient program, while intensive, is the best for those whose addictions have taken over their lives. 

Most Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers offer intensive inpatient hospitalization. The program can be as short as two weeks with subsequent outpatient treatment or extend to up to six months. Year-long programs, while uncommon, are available. 

Choosing the right rehab center is essential, given how much time you will be investing. Ideally, you want a center that you can afford, that is in the right location, and offers essential tools for recovery. Here are some of the things to look into as you search for the treatment center. 

Scope of services

Unlike centers specializing in outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, California, inpatient centers are larger in scale and service offerings. Consider the number of hours of therapy offered per day, the level of nursing care in the initial phases of recovery, extracurricular activities, and typical length of stay for patients.

The treatment center should have a medically supervised detox program for new admissions. When you discontinue your substance use, your body is bound to react. These withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to withstand, and help is required to help your body endure the worst of it. A detox program allows you to go through this first phase while suppressing cravings that may encourage relapse.

Payment Methods

Top rehab centers in Riverside are expensive, primarily due to the boarding costs and 24/7 supervision and services. Check if your insurance covers rehabilitation and if your chosen center accepts it. It will alleviate any financial concerns that may discourage you from joining a program. When your insurance only covers it in part, get additional financing from your savings or friends and family. Remember, recovery is a long-term investment in yourself. 

Facility Setting and Programs

The environment within the treatment facility should be conducive to your recovery. It should group you with patients suffering the same condition as you. It should have access to specialists equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to handle your unique addiction, mental status, and co-occurring illnesses. Therapy should extend to peer groups in the facility and family later in the program. A center with different therapy types such as art, music, and animal therapy is more holistic. 

Treatment Outcomes 

Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers report different treatment outcomes for patients. While most of the work remains with the patient upon release, a center that imparts enough tools to report long-term sobriety in former patients is the best. Certifications and accreditation are good places to start when analyzing the quality levels of a facility. Testimonials from recovering addicts are similarly helpful.

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Inpatient Rehab Services

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