Inpatient Treatment Orange County

Inpatient Treatment Orange County

Still Water Wellness Group is an all-encompassing recovery center in southern California, providing the best inpatient treatment in Orange County. We help individuals suffering from an addiction to methamphetamine, heroin, benzodiazepine, prescription painkillers, and other substances attain a safe and speedy recovery using medication-assisted treatments, therapy, and counseling. Here are the five warning signs that should get you into our center:

1. Lack of control

Your addiction may be taking a toll on your physical and mental health, affecting your quality of life and decisions you make significantly. Joining an inpatient rehab for drugs and alcohol can help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely and prepare you with essential life skills and tools to maintain sobriety in the long term.

2. Desire to limit the use

The cravings and withdrawal symptoms can make it impossible for you to limit use even if you are committed to sobriety. It takes more than determination and perseverance to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Seeking inpatient treatment from one of the best rehab centers in Lake Forest can help you attain complete recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. More importantly, inpatient treatment can provide you with an immersive healing experience and prepare you physically and mentally to maintain sobriety in the long term.

3. Cravings

Do you wish to quit drugs or alcohol but find the cravings irresistible? Seeking treatment from a leading alcohol and drug rehab in Lake Forest can help you overcome addiction and regain control over your mind, body, and spirit in a safe, calm, and composed manner. Cravings can be severe in individuals trying to recover from long-term or advanced forms of addiction. You must remain under our clinical team's supervision and undergo medical detox to attain a safe and speedy recovery.

4. Lack of responsibility/loss of interest

People suffering from an addiction condition spend several hours thinking about or acquiring or using drugs or alcohol that they miss fulfilling their everyday responsibilities. In some cases, you may lose the interest to do things that you once enjoyed doing because of your newfound love for drugs or alcohol. If you face issues at work or school or in relationships due to your addiction to drugs or alcohol or find yourself uncommitted to anything, it may be time to seek help from an addiction treatment rehab.

5. Withdrawal symptoms and increased tolerance

Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you restrain yourself from drugs or alcohol consumption for several hours? You may need inpatient treatment to overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely and attain comprehensive recovery. Changes in appetite or mood, fatigue, muscle pain, nausea, restlessness, sleeping difficulties, or tremors are some of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by addicts whenever they try to quit or reduce usage. It is critical to seek inpatient drug addiction treatment in Lake Forest asap if you're experiencing similar symptoms.

Call Still Water Wellness Group at 1-800-563-8983 to sign up for our inpatient treatment in Orange County. Our dedicated staff team and integrated treatment approach can help you embrace sobriety in a short duration and equip you with critical skills to maintain it in the long term.

Inpatient Treatment Orange County
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Inpatient Treatment Orange County
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