Inpatient Rehab Lake Forest

Inpatient Rehab Lake Forest

There are several aspects that recommend our inpatient rehab in Lake Forest as one of the most successful protocols in the business. At Still Water Wellness Group, our inpatient program comes with:

A structured routine

Our alcohol and drug rehab in Lake Forest helps patients adopt a specific living routine that includes three meals per day, medication management, psychotherapy sessions, counseling, etc. We leave nothing to chance since substance addiction is a volatile disorder capable of undermining the patient’s commitment to sobriety.

Our structured approach allows patients to develop a healthy routine during the inpatient drug addiction treatment in Lake Forest. This will help them also structure their lifestyles post-rehab, incorporating many of the foundational components that they will get from our residential treatment.

Holistic recovery

We don’t believe in one-sided approaches since these are rarely of any good when it comes to substance addiction. We have adopted a holistic approach instead, aiming to provide people with a well-rounded recovery experience. This approach includes treatment modalities like:

  • Medication for detox purposes and withdrawal management
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Psychotherapy and behavioral therapies
  • Counseling sessions
  • Lifestyle-related procedures (workout routine, nutrition education, relapse prevention advice)
  • Community support, etc.

The holistic recovery plan is a critical component of our rehab for drugs and alcohol, allowing us to provide patients with a unique recovery experience. Our rehab program teaches patients how to take care of themselves and adopt a healthy, independent, and self-sufficient lifestyle after completing the treatment.

Social reintegration support

We believe that the rehabilitation treatment needs to equip patients with critical tools to help them embrace a sober and stable lifestyle post-addiction. The inpatient addiction treatment rehab is only one part of the rehabilitation treatment, followed by programs like PHP, IOP, sober living, and outpatient services. These are all part of a well-rounded recovery protocol, providing you with medical, psychiatric, and holistic support throughout the rehab treatment and beyond.

Our goal is to help individuals quit their addictions, manage co-occurring disorders, and prevent relapse over the years. This is only possible via community support and a healthy and conducive family environment. We also train patients in sober living and teach them how to identify and cope with social or familial triggers that may jeopardize their sobriety.

Why we own the best rehab centers in Lake Forest

We have equipped our facility to handle the most severe addiction forms. Our recovery tools include medical and psychiatric procedures, holistic recovery modalities, and impeccable housing conditions. The goal is to improve our patients’ comfort and allow them the peace of mind and security they need to heal and plan their future.

We know that the rehab process makes for a bumpy journey, and we’re here to guide you along the way. If you’re interested in our inpatient rehab in Lake Forest, contact our professional for more details.

Still Water Wellness Group invites you to join one of the most reliable and successful inpatient treatment programs in the business. Call 1-800-563-8983, make an appointment and come to our facility for clinical assessment, detox, and rehab planning today.

Inpatient Rehab Lake Forest
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Inpatient Rehab Lake Forest
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