Drug Rehab Lake Forest

Drug Rehab Lake Forest

When it comes to dealing with severe addiction, finding the ideal drug rehab in Lake Forest is a must. Still Water Wellness Group relies on a structured recovery protocol encompassing a variety of medical and psychiatric procedures to ensure the best results. The goal is to provide long-lasting benefits, allowing patients to remain sober and healthy over the years.

How drug and alcohol rehabilitation work

Substance addiction is a complex and dangerous disorder, and the ideal treatment should match that complexity to ensure long-lasting benefits. We rely on multiple procedures to approach addiction and its triggers and symptoms, including:

  • Medical detox – The rehabilitation process implies dealing with the withdrawal and facing cravings and substance-specific symptoms. We use targeted medication to help people overcome the first phase in the rehab process when the withdrawal is at its peak. The detoxification treatment usually lasts up to seven days, during which you will notice drastic improvements in your physical, psychological, and emotional composure.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis program aims to identify and treat co-occurring mental disorders, including schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. These disorders are common occurrences, often arriving as a result of prolonged substance abuse. We ensure optimal medical and psychiatric care in a comfortable and secure facility, allowing patients to recover and heal at their own pace. We also offer long-term medication management and therapy to help individuals adapt to a healthy and sober lifestyle post-rehab.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) – MAT is a critical recovery tool at our drug rehab in Forest Lake. We use it as a management program to help people dealing with prolonged and severe addiction cope with long-lasting withdrawal and cravings. It’s just as effective in inpatient settings as it is in outpatient ones, offering patients the structure and medical support they need to remain sober over the years.
  • Sober living structure – The Sober Living Program is a core component of the rehabilitation experience. At our facility, we help people get into the ideal sober living setting that will help them adopt a healthy, stable, and positive lifestyle routine. The program is optimal for recovering patients who have already completed the rehab treatment and seek additional support with social reintegration and independent living.

When to join rehab?

If you’re experiencing withdrawal regularly, you need rehab assistance immediately. Alcohol and drug addiction are progressive disorders, meaning that they will aggravate with time. They can also trigger or worsen physical or mental disorders, which will make the recovery process that much more difficult. We recommend contacting our team of expert clinicians for immediate drug rehab in Lake Forest.

The rehabilitation process usually lasts up to 90 days, during which you will receive premier medical, psychiatric, and psychological care. Do yourself a favor and commit to our treatment!

At Still Water Wellness Group, we promote healthy and sober living, helping patients regain their freedom and happiness. You can contact our professionals at (800) 563-8983 if you wish to find out more about MAT, detox, our rehab programs, or insurance coverage.

Drug Rehab Lake Forest
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Drug Rehab Lake Forest
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