Detox Center Lake Forest

Detox Center Lake Forest

If you’re experiencing regular withdrawal symptoms due to your drug or alcohol use, you may have developed an addiction condition. Still Water Wellness Group offers access to a high-tech detox center in Lake Forest, with premier amenities and patient-oriented recovery programs.

Welcome to our leading Lake Forest alcohol detox facility!

Our rehabilitation team offers access to a high-end detox and rehab facility, offering:

  • Customizable detox programs – We always tailor the detox procedure to our patients’ clinical needs, addiction specifics, and recovery goals. We achieve this via in-depth clinical evaluation at our center, during which our professionals gather information about the patient’s clinical history, addiction specifics, withdrawal symptoms, etc. This will allow us to personalize the treatment to meet each individual’s precise medical and psychiatric needs.
  • A relaxing recovery environment – We perform alcohol and drug detox in Lake Forest in a luxurious, comfortable, and secure living setting, looking to make people feel at home. Unlike hospital-like detox facilities, we stress the importance of comfort and peace of mind and their role in improving the patients’ response to treatment.
  • Results-oriented modalities – Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Lake Forest uses the latest medical, psychiatric, and holistic procedures to obtain the best results possible. We work with leading experts in psychology, healthy living, nutrition, mental health, and other fields to provide ouroutpatients with the best long-term recovery results.
  • Around-the-clock assistance and support – Our team of experts will control and supervise the detox and rehab process throughout its entire duration. This is so we can ensure our patients’ safety and comfort during the rehab treatment and intervene as soon as things go in an unexpected direction.

Why detox is critical for safe and comfortable drug and alcohol rehab

The detox for alcohol in Lake Forest is essential for a smooth and safe recovery for several reasons:

  • Aids with managing the withdrawal – Alcohol withdrawal can come with multiple symptoms, many of which can turn deadly, and the same goes for drug addiction as well. The detoxification procedure allows our professionals to use medication to minimize the withdrawal, cleanse your body of toxins, calm the nervous system, and diminish cravings considerably.
  • Provides support for co-occurring disorders – The dual diagnosis program begins during detox, when our professionals may provide medication for co-occurring disorders like anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression, and others.
  • Prepares you for rehab treatment – The detoxification procedure is the first phase in the recovery procedure, followed by structured inpatient treatment, IOP, outpatient program, and other recovery modalities as necessary. The detox treatment will cleanse your system of toxins and prepare the mind and body for upcoming recovery modalities.

If you require detox assistance immediately, we invite you to our detox center in Lake Forest for clinical assessment, detox, and rehab preparation.

Still Water Wellness Group has the best Lake Forest medical detox facilities, with outstanding amenities, patient-oriented programs, and a welcoming and comfortable recovery environment. You can call our rehab team at 1-800-563-8983 to discuss your insurance coverage and treatment needs, and goals today.

Detox Center Lake Forest
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Detox Center Lake Forest
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