Alcohol Detox Lake Forest

Alcohol Detox Lake Forest

Joining our alcohol detox in Lake Forest is vital for combating alcohol withdrawal effectively in the first stages of the rehab treatment. Still Water Wellness Group promotes a smooth, safe, and reliable recovery protocol, helping people cope with withdrawal in a supportive and conducive environment.

How alcohol detox works

The Lake Forest alcohol detox consists of several phases:

  • Investigation and diagnosis – Part of the investigation assessment takes place via the phone, while the second part starts with your arrival at our facility. The goal is to gather critical information about our patients, allowing us to assess their addiction condition, withdrawal severity, co-occurring disorders, and overall health status. This will allow our professionals to craft a personalized detox and rehab treatment for a smooth recovery experience.
  • Medical and psychiatric detox – The alcohol and drug detox in Lake Forest tackles both physical and psychological addiction. This means we rely on medication plans and psychotherapy to stabilize patients, contain the withdrawal symptoms, diminish cravings, and allow their nervous system to reset. Our professionals will supervise the detox treatment throughout its entirety, making sure to tweak it as necessary to ensure your safety and comfort.
  • Addressing mental health disorders – Studies show that over 50% of addiction victims show symptoms of mental conditions like anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc. This percentage tends to go up when talking about victims of prolonged and severe addictions like alcoholism tends to be in most cases. We offer dual diagnosis assistance to address underlying mental health issues that may have triggered or fuel your addiction.

The purpose of the detox treatment is to prepare you for the drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Lake Forest and ensure your physical, mental, and emotional recovery. While the detoxification program is not a treatment in and of itself, it’s a necessary phase in every recovery protocol thanks to its immediate medical and psychiatric benefits.

Is detox painful?

The detox process will naturally come with some level of physical and psychological distress. It’s normal to experience some type of discomfort during detox for alcohol in Lake Forest, but our professionals are here to help. Their job is to make sure you experience minimum discomfort and supervise the detox treatment to ensure your safety throughout the procedure.

The detox program will usually last no more than seven days, depending on your response to treatment and overall progress. Some patients need extensive detox assistance to cope with more severe withdrawal symptoms.

The best Lake Forest medical detox facilities

Our alcohol detox in Lake Forest unfolds over several days and includes medication, therapy, and holistic recovery modalities that stabilize patients and prepare them for upcoming rehab programs. If you’re ready to tackle your alcohol addiction head-on, contact our professionals today for immediate clinical assessment, detox, and rehab treatment.

Still Water Wellness Group ranks among the most popular and reliable detox and rehab facilities in the business. Feel free to speak to our rehab specialists at 1-800-563-8983, make an appointment, and come in for detox, rehab, and sobriety planning today!

Alcohol Detox Lake Forest
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Alcohol Detox Lake Forest
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