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Fort Lauderdale Drug Rehab

Illicit narcotics are the most dangerous substances known to man, and we experience this fact every single day, by merely looking at the statistics worldwide, which tend to paint a pretty grim picture. Here, at Meridian Treatment Solutions, we treat drug addiction as one of the worst conditions a human being could contract, not because of the immediate effects, but because of the health problems, it causes on long-term.

The Fort Lauderdale drug rehab centers are always on full alert with the increasing number of those seeking professional help. And that only begins to describe the real magnitude of the problem. According to the World Drug Report released by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime:

– More than 250 million people worldwide have used drugs at least once in their lifetime

– Close to 30 million people, making for 0.6% of the global population, shows signs of drug use disorders and drug addiction

– In 70% of the cases, opioids were identified as the main culprit, affecting millions on a global scale

– Over 12 million people using injectable doses have already contracted hepatitis C or will contract it shortly

– Approximately 1.6 million people have HIV, while 1.3 million have both HIV and hepatitis C

And if these facts alone aren’t enough, you might also consider the fact that over 93% of the opium reserves worldwide come from Afghanistan, where approximately 85% of the production is under the control of the Taliban. We have terrorist organizations trafficking opium derivatives all over the world and using the money to fuel campaigns of destruction all over the civilized world.

This goes to show why Fort Lauderdale drug rehab programs are so important nowadays. Not are they useful in restoring the individual’s health and life back, but could also prove to be an effective weapon against terrorism, by cutting down the supply of cash these organizations feed upon. What’s worse is that, according to a 2017 study, opium production supports over 400,000 workplaces in Afghanistan, delivering a staggering profit of around $4 billion yearly. This suggests that fighting such an elaborate and methodical system will be anything but easy.

Why opioids are the most significant killers

Opioids, whether illicit or prescription based, have the same addictive effect: force the brain to release dopamine, relax muscles, numb pain, and slow breathing and body temperature. As the brain gets used to the substance, it will begin to develop tolerance, causing the consumer to increase the dose regularly, eventually leading to overdose, which can be fatal.

Escaping addiction on your own is next to impossible because of the withdrawal symptoms, which will instill strong side-effects whenever the organism has gone several hours without any dose of the substance. Whenever the addict tries to quit, he will quickly relapse due to the severity of the withdrawal, which can even cause seizures, strokes and even death.

This shows that Fort Lauderdale drug rehab programs, like those of Meridian Treatment Solutions, are the final line of defense against a trend that not only affects individuals in particular but also constitutes a way for terrorism to thrive worldwide.