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Recovering from substance abuse can be challenging for any number of reasons but don’t let that stop you taking the first step towards a healthier life. The most important thing that you can do for your recovery is to get started with it.

Still Water Wellness makes this easy to do with our personalized drug detox in Lake Forest. Keep reading to learn why this could be the perfect way to kick start your recovery from substance abuse.

If you feel you are ready to get started now, you can do so by reaching out to us at (800) 563-8983. We look forward to hearing from you.

Drug Detox in Lake Forest California

When you abuse drugs, your body will change the way that it operates to accommodate this behavior. Over time your systems will become dependent on the substances that you abuse. This means that when you quit using the substance, your body will need some time to adjust to life without it. That is exactly what happens inside of your body during drug detox. People need drug detoxification for any reasons including drug test, or even drugs like cannabis, not only heroine and opioids.

Drug detox is when your body purges itself of the substances that you have been abusing. This is when you will clear out the last remnants of drugs from your systems so that you can start your recovery off on the right foot.

This process can be uncomfortable and it is typically when your cravings will be the most severe. That’s why it is usually worth signing up to complete your drug detox in a professional facility. Doing so could make detox easier for you to go through and will ensure that you remain safe and healthy throughout the process.

Drug Detox in Lake Forest at Still Water Wellness Treatment Center

We recommend that most patients begin their recovery plan with a formal detox period. This is important because it will get you physically and mentally prepared to begin whichever long-term substance abuse treatment plan you choose. If you do not detox before seeking long-term care, the first few weeks of that program will be extremely challenging to get through.

That being said, completing detox is most important for individuals with severe drug problems. If you have been using one of the following substances, then drug detox in Lake Forest is an absolutely essential component of your recovery:

    • Heroin Detox
    • Prescription drug detox
    • Meth detox
    • Opioid detox

Drug Detox

It’s worth mentioning that some people attempt to complete their detox on their own however, this is rarely a good strategy.

Alcohol & Drug Detoxification

The withdrawal symptoms that you get during detox can be dangerous. You need a professional healthcare provider watching over you to ensure that nothing bad happens. Additionally, your cravings will be severe while detoxing. You will be much more likely to relapse if you are on your own instead of in a professional detox facility.

What is the Timeline for the Average Drug Detox Program?

If you are interested in drug detox in Lake Forest, then you’re probably also curious about how long the process will take. The length of your detox period will depend on a few different factors. These factors will include the particular substance you abused, the frequency and intensity of your drug consumption, and your personal biological makeup.

Rehab & Treatment Center for Drug Detox

For example, shorter-acting opioids tend to leave the system quicker. Heroin and prescription painkillers generally exit the body within 4-10 days. You will begin experiencing your first withdrawal symptoms from these substances within 8-24 hours after your last use.
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Longer-acting opioids may not cause any symptoms for up to 2-4 days after you last used them. When you do begin to experience symptoms, they should start to fade after about 10 days.

What Makes Drug Detox Different at Still Water Wellness?

We know that there are several options for you to choose from when considering where to pursue drug detox in Lake Forest however, you won’t find a better option than Still Water Wellness.

What makes our approach different is our commitment to personalization. We strive to provide every patient with exactly what they need to have the best detox possible. As part of that, we’ll put you through a comprehensive evaluation before you begin detoxing.

This will include analyzing your medical history, performing a urine test, and creating your own personal detox plan. We’ll be sure to take into consideration the unique factors that set you apart from other patients during this process. The end result will be a detox that is more comfortable and effective than you would get elsewhere.

Treatment after Drug Detox

The substance abuse treatment process doesn’t end after you complete your detox. Rather, you will need to seek out long-term care in order to continue your recovery. Still Water Wellness makes this super easy to do.

We can transfer you immediately from our detox center to a long-term rehab program. This ensures that you don’t have to risk relapsing in between the two forms of substance abuse treatment.

Still Water Wellness has several different long-term care options available, you can choose between both inpatient and outpatient rehab in Lake Forest.

No matter which rehab plan you choose, you will spend time working individually with a therapist who specializes in addiction therapy. They can help you identify the root causes of your addiction and come up with personalized strategies to beat them.

We also use holistic treatment techniques such as nature walks, yoga classes, and nutrition work. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about the options that are available for you to choose from.

Get Started with Drug Detox in Lake Forest Today

Drug detox is the first step towards reaching your long-term recovery goals so you should make sure that you do it right. The easiest way to ensure that is by signing up for drug detox in Lake Forest with Still Water Wellness.

Still Water Wellness provides personalized detox and long-term substance abuse recovery services that can help you turn the corner on your addiction. Reach out to an addiction specialist when you’re ready to learn more. You can reach one today at (800) 563-8983.

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