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Does Insurance Pay for Sober Living?

Once an individual finishes with rehab, they may not be ready to go back to their regular everyday life. They need somewhere to go to help them ease back into going home. That’s where sober living homes come in. Sober living is when they go from being a patient to resident. Sober living may be necessary because the resident’s home isn’t safe or there are too many “cravings” around them. They may have also shared homes with friends or family that cause stress, emotional triggers or bring up memories from the past that could cause a relapse. In a sober living home, residents can live a sober life in a safe environment as they find ways to be able to live on their own.

Why Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Sober Living

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurance companies to provide mental health treatment. This can include treatment for substance abuse disorders. Sober living homes provide a safe environment to help people recover and get ready to get back on their feet, but it is not a treatment facility. Therefore, it’s not covered by insurance. Insurance should help cover therapy visits which patients need to continue once they have finished rehab.

How Sober Life Works at Still Water Wellness

Sober Living homes provide a safe structured environment aimed to help clients titrate back into everyday life. Sober living homes encourage residents to seek employment as most homes require them to pay rent and cover their own expenses. This teaches them how to handle their own finances, keep a budget and pay bills just as they would if they were living alone. Some people prefer to attend school rather than finding a job right away. No matter what they decide to do they are asked to find a daily routine. Most of these houses have less than 10 residents. The residents are asked and encouraged to attend therapy and group meetings That are held outside of the home. The home is run by a manager who is usually someone that has recovered and has found a way to remain sober. This tends to help the residents that live there as they have someone who has already been through this and they are there to help them along the way. Sober living provides a strong community based approach in helping clients keep accountable and create relationships with others who are also in the path to recovery.

Sober Living at Still Water Wellness is Not Treatment

Recovery from addiction is not something that is over after detox in rehab. Recovery and staying sober is a lifelong commitment period aftercare is very important in the recovery process because even though a person has stopped the substance abuse, the side effects from that use don’t just reverse automatically. They can actually last after substance use has ended. Aftercare programs offer services that will help with the resident’s relationships, finances, education, mental health, and many other aspects of life.